Gay Soccer Player Would be Accepted, MLS Survey Finds

Grant Wahl conducted a preseason survey of MLS players and found that an overwhelming majority said a gay soccer player would be accepted in their locker room.

Wahl, senior writer for Sports Illustrated, spoke with 18 players on the condition of anonymity. He specified on Twitter that while anonymous, these players were veterans and some of the best players in the league, “clubhouse leaders [and] thought influencers.”

The specific question he posed was, “Would a gay player be accepted in your team’s locker room?” 17 players said yes. Only one said no.

I really appreciate the anonymity Wahl allowed the players here. I don’t think we would have gotten the answer of “no” with a fear of wanting to appear politically correct. While Major League Soccer would be a great environment for an out player–and I say the best in the US–it shows we aren’t one hundred percent there yet in all corners of the league and we still have some work to do. That honesty is important to the process and a great reminder of the work ahead.

gay soccer player

David Testo and Robbie Rogers, the only two out MLS alumni, take on opponents.

You can check out all the results of Wahl’s survey at

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