Toronto FC: Jersey Week 2013

Toronto FC Home

Well if you think the Canadians are boring, I say to you “humbug*” because last night Toronto FC released a great new primary kit.

If you couldn’t tell from my disappointment in the new Houston jersey, I’m a huge sucker for multi-hue fabric patterns and this new Toronto kit does it very well. The geometric shapes formed by diagonals thatĀ emanateĀ from the lines of the trademark Canadian maple leaf are just plain awesome. The new charcoal grey stripes are also really nice new touches. Put all together, it’s incredibly visually interesting without becoming too busy.

After the first few snores from Houston and New York, it’s great to see some nice creative thinking coming from Colorado, Philadelphia, and Toronto.

*Yes this is a Canadian/British candy joke. My mom hunts them down every time we go to Canada. Bravo if you picked up on it before reading this footnote.

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