Montreal Impact: Jersey Week 2013

Montreal Impact Third Kit

The Montreal Impact held a special event to both celebrate the club’s 20 years and unveil a third kit which is a nod to their first season in 1993.

First off, I completely love the combination of collar and button-front they’ve put together here. I also like the Impact’s shade of blue that carries over from the home kit from last year.

Now I totally respect and dig what they’re doing here in the sense that I like the nod to club history but I don’t like the pattern. This is totally a personal preference in kit design but I don’t like stripes that are uniform, horizontal or vertical, unless something else visually interesting is going on as well.

It’s just not something I like and for me that factor would knock this one down a few notches on the list of kits l like this Jersey Week.

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  1. Rene says:

    Loving your fashion commentary!

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