Sporting Kansas City: Jersey Week 2013

Sporting Kansas City jersey

Sporting Kansas City releases a new primary jersey that truly celebrates their region being bi(state) and is the first to feature their new sponsor.

I did not like the early leaked images of this kit. Without the jersey sponsor on the first the front was pretty much a barren wasteland, but now it has the simple and classy Ivy Funds logo. Without it there the negative/positive image looked overly forced, but all put together it works. The diagonal is a nice nod to the Kansas City area straddling both sides of that line, in Kansas and Missouri. The jersey also gets originality points for being the only one to have adidas’ signature three stripes in different colors on each sleeve.

And damn, look how fine Zusi looks in the thing. Although I promise that didn’t factor at all into my opinion of it. Really.


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