Portland Timbers: Jersey Week 2013

Portland Timbers Jersey


The Portland Timbers unveiled their newest jerseys for the upcoming 2013 and 2014 seasons, and the new designs are a love it or hate it experience.

The jerseys have unique features; for example, in the home jersey the white lining is placed in a weird way that would make the average person’s figure not flattering at all when worn. However, some of the designs are cool such as the chevrons, the Portland flag, and the rising sun in the back.

Personally, my favorite jersey out of the two is the away jersey. I say that because of its interesting features such as the rose behind the crest, the rose flower on the bottom of the jersey, the thorns throughout the sides, and “We are the Rose City” on the back. To me the red jersey looks very Ajax-like with the design itself (which is not a bad way at all) and I like that a lot.

Overall the jerseys we have for the next two years are mediocre.

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  1. Rene says:

    The only thing I like on our new jerseys are the rising sun on the back. Hate it.

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