Seattle Sounders: Jersey Week 2013

I have been on the edge of my seat waiting for the new Seattle Sounders jerseys. The last few times we have changed jerseys went from classic Seattle sports team to 13-year-olds in training bras. Then from one highlighter color to another highlighter colored jersey. So it is with fear and anticipation that I look at these new jerseys.

Seattle Sounders Shale

Seattle Sounders Shale

Now this is where the classy ladies come out and play. For our 5th season I feel we are showing our age and experience. But of course you have to pay for it. The authentic jersey has so much amazing style and great colors. The replica is great, but bland. The splash of color on the left side, love the blue and green pole. What more is there to say? Oh wait, Brad Evans. Looking at Brad on the ad campaign, whoa love it! Sweaty, sexy, rugged man in rumpled jersey delicates. Can a gay man dream for anything better? Well maybe being able to take it off of him.

Seattle Sounders Rave Green

Seattle Sounders Rave Green

I have to say one thing. NO MORE BRA STRAP. I am so happy that I can finally wear rave green again. I can now look at my team from behind and not think of my boys as preteen girls in a training bra. The space needle running down the right side makes me want to run my hand up and down the side just to feel it. Or maybe the sexy bodies underneath.

These are two jerseys I will be buying. Next time I would like the Sounders to follow after the Rapids and honor the season ticket holders by placing our names on the fabric of our team. I do find it interesting that on the website it states 2013 not 13/14 as has happened before. So is this foreshadowing for a jersey sponsor change for 2014? That would be very interesting.

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  1. Average Pest says:

    I’m really tired of the Sounders jersey not changing much. I LOVE the secondary jersey.

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