Pia Sundhage Releases Debut Single

Pia Sundhage GuitarShe may be behind a different team on the sidelines now, but we still love Pia Sundhage who just released a single in Sweden, “Follow Me Through the Winter.”

We’ve seen her sing at press conferences and on the soccer field, so it’s about time that she brought her musical talent to the masses via iTunes, Spotify, and other streaming services.

The track is a song originally written by Sundhage’s nephew and performed by her for her brother’s sixtieth birthday party, but a small record label heard it, liked it, and thought it was time for the Swedish National Team coach to go pro.

She told the Swedish site fotbollskanalen.se:

I thought “oh my God, when you get to a real artist who can this stuff and who is good at singing,” but the record company representative insisted.¬†He said there was much emotion and passion in the song and I conveyed it in a good way.

So give it a listen, it’s actually pretty good.

(With thanks to Grant Wahl on Twitter)

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