Marriage Equality: Take a Stand, Not a Side.

While the issue of marriage equality is being argued within the Supreme Court this week (and for many weeks to come), the issue has rested in our everyday lives for years. Recently, groups such as NOH8, You Can Play, Athlete Ally, and the Human Rights Campaign have brought marriage equality, fair play in sport, and general respect for the LGBT communities to the forefront in the media, social networks, local campaigns, and across any platform where their words will be heard.

Unfortunately, our world revolves around taking a side in every discussion, argument, and issue which arises on a daily basis. Whether it’s marriage, race, or gender equality, animal rights, abortion, etc, people are forced to pick a side…but, why? Why does everything have to be “my side or your side?” People shouldn’t have to live their lives knowing there are “two sides to every story.” In reality, there are billions of sides to every story. Every person on planet earth has their own thoughts, beliefs, and “side” to every story, as long as they choose to take a stand.

By taking a stand for what you believe, you’re not taking a side. You’re standing up for your own beliefs, feelings, opinions, and thoughts. Your stand may, or may not, place you on one side, but that does mean you’re forced to defend that side. You’re only forced to defend your stand.

The laws of the federal government and states within the union will have the final say whether or not marriage will become legally equal among all genders. No matter the outcome, those laws shouldn’t affect and change your stand. According to the artist Macklemore, “No law is going to change us. We have to change us.” With that being said, I choose to take my stand for equality with more words from Macklemore, “No freedom ‘til we’re equal. Damn right I support it.”

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