The Pride of New England

A little less than a year ago, I asked my friend Prairie (one of the first Soccer Allies, for the record) if she could help me come up with an idea for a Pride-esque flag I could wear to Revs games. She’s got lots of experience in designing and painting tifo for New England and for the national teams, so I thought she might have a concept in mind.

What we came up with was this:

New England Pride

I’ve come to call it the New England Pride Flag. It’s an amalgam of two flags; the traditional gay pride flag you see throughout June, and the old-school Flag of New England.

I like to think it stands in a subtle contrast to the pride flags you may see elsewhere in the league. It pretty obviously reflects the LGBT pride that we’ve got up here in New England, but it also stands up as a subtle “this is who we are, who the hell are you?” flag.

This is us. New England has Pride; what have you got going on?

So that’s my challenge – show us your pride, and show us a way that your pride can stand out.

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  1. Jabaz Wyman says:

    I support your cause but destroying such a historic flag of our revolution is inappropriate

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