LGBT Ally? Soccer Fan? Let Us Know!

LGBT AllyLast week I gave thoughts on Robbie Rogers’ coming out and his interviews since then, and one of my takeaways was that it’s time to double down efforts to make soccer a better atmosphere for a player to be ready to come out. Part of this is to ask if you are a soccer fan and an LGBT ally.

We list players, media personalities, and supporters groups on the site, but haven’t yet had a place for fans to voice their ally-ship. Now we do.

You can use the form below or at this page to show your support of the pledge that appears at our Allies Page. You can also direct friends who want to take the pledge to that page ( where we link to the form.

We’ll post the list on the site and update it as more responses come in. Thank you as always for your support!

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  1. Chaco415 says:

    Have someone translate the statement into French before outing Impact fans as unsupportive. We’re a multilingual league.

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