American Outlaws Sign on as Allies

American Outlaws Robbie Rogers

The American Outlaws on Facebook

Today we are happy to share that the American Outlaws, supporters of the United States National Soccer Team, are signing on as allies with gay4soccer.

From Outlaws co-founder and Vice President Justin Brunken:

The American Outlaws are a UNITED group of U.S. Soccer fans not discriminating by any means, including sexual orientation.  Anyone can and should be able to watch U.S. Soccer games with other fans just as passionate, despite their different backgrounds or preferences. Unite and Strengthen

With 80 chapters and thousands of members, the Outlaws are by far the largest group of supporters now standing as LGBT allies. It comes at a time when Robbie Rogers–who scored the first US goal under Jurgen Klinsmann in a match against Mexico–is contemplating a return the game, so it’s great to see that if he returns to the field wearing red, white, and blue, so many fans will have his back.

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