Houston Dynamo Supporters Group Repeatedly Tweets Homophobic Slurs

An officially recognized supporters group of the Houston Dynamo is tweeting homophobic slurs without apology.

Don’t want these words on the main page of the site, so images of the offending tweets after the jump.

Updates from the Dynamo, an apology from the group, and details on a conversation I had with the group’s leadership are all also after the jump.

Houston Dynamo SG Tweet

Houston Dynamo SG Tweet

I think this squarely falls within the realm of “crossing the line” and the Houston Dynamo needs to take action against this group they feature on their website.

(Update 5/6 3 PM CT)

The Houston Dynamo have released this statement:

HOUSTON (Monday, May 6, 2013) – The Houston Dynamo have issued the following statement in relation to homophobic slurs that appeared on the Twitter feed of Brickwall Firm, one of the team’s supporters groups, after Sunday evening’s game against the Los Angeles Galaxy:

“The Houston Dynamo strongly condemns the offensive language that appeared on the Twitter feed of Brickwall Firm, one of our supporter groups. The Houston Dynamo does not tolerate homophobic slurs, and promotes an inclusive environment by supporting the League’s “Don’t Cross the Line” campaign.” We are working very closely with the leaders of Brickwall Firm in investigating the issue and determining an appropriate course of action.”

* * *

The Brickwall Firm has also deleted the offending tweets from their feed and issued an apology in this series of tweets:

Houston Dynamo Brickwall Firm

It’s a positive sign that they realized how inappropriate the tweets were and made an apology, but with the severity of the initial tweets and the opposite of an apology when people called them out on the original message, it still seems necessary that some action needs to be taken on the part of the Dynamo.

(Update 5/7 8 AM CT)

I had the opportunity to speak with David Wells, Vice President of the Brickwall Firm about what had happened on the group’s Twitter. The incident was the result of an open door policy the group had with their Twitter account allowing the general membership to post to their feed without oversight from group leadership. That has been locked down with access limited to group officers. The Brickwall Firm represents the great diversity of the City of Houston and the Dynamo fan base and the tweets put out by an individual member do not reflect the group as a whole. David and I discussed the ways the group will be educating themselves in the forthcoming weeks as to why words such as the one used are unacceptable as well as ways they will be reaching out to the area LGBT community to make them feel welcome at Dynamo matches.

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    See also: Not all black people are “n—s”. Ugh.

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