Soccer Ally May: Montreal Impact

Montreal Impact Jeb Brovsky
Our team by team recruitment drive for professional soccer players to join our Allies List begins today with the Montreal Impact.

This is our second time spending May going team by team through Major League Soccer asking players to sign on as allies of the LGBT community. You can also ask players of any team, any league to join in person to grab those who aren’t on social media. And of course, you can join yourself.

Defender Jeb Brovsky was the only player we added from the Montreal Impact last may, and ally Justin Braun was traded to Salt Lake and now Toronto leaving Brovsky the only ally on our list.

So let’s get the month started off in a big way; Montreal certainly has a big enough list of players on Twitter. We’ll be asking and so can you. Just have players tweet their support using our @gay4soccer handle or the #soccerally hashtag. We’ll be keeping an eye on both.

Here we go!

Just a note, since it applies to our first team here: for purposes of the list we use the full roster appearing on the club website, including players on loan to other teams. 

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