Soccer Ally May – The Final Numbers

Soccer AllyAll throughout May we asked Major League Soccer players to sign onto our Allies List. Now that the campaign is wrapped up it’s time to look at the numbers.

Before May: 80 listed allies in MLS.

After May: 135 listed allies in MLS (an increase of 55, or 69% growth!)

Before May: Two teams only had one ally a piece.

After May: The lowest number of allies on any team is four.

Before May: One team had eight allies, the most of any team.

After May: Two teams have eleven allies, two have ten, and four have nine. (Real Salt Lake and the New England Revolution are the teams at the top, if you’re the competitive type. )

Every team added at least one ally, with the LA Galaxy adding the most with six.

Thank you to everyone who helped recruit in May!

Of course we’ll continue asking MLS players and players from other leagues to sign on. We’ll take a break from doing a dedicated push and pick things back up again. Also, if you’re willing to help let us know; we tend to focus on MLS because they curate Twitter lists better than any other league.

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