Houston Dynamo: Doing Pride Right

Houston Dynamo Pride Festival

Major League Soccer’s Houston Dynamo is having a Pride Night once again this year, and once again they are doing an amazing job of it.

Plenty of other teams have been having Pride Nights over the last few years, but the Dynamo blend together a number of elements together in a perfect combination that what they do can be held up as an example for other clubs to follow:

1) Timing. The Dynamo don’t do their Pride in the Park night on a randomly selected date; they do it at a match as close as they can get to Pride Houston’s annual festival and parade. It’s also an official part of the Pride Houston festivities, integrated into everything that goes on throughout the city to celebrate the LGBT community.

2) Involvement. Getting the LGBT community to buy tickets for a match isn’t the extent of the Houston Dynamo’s involvement with Pride Houston. This year the Festival will have the Houston Dynamo Kids’ Zone with a tent, soccer inflatable to play on and prizes for attendees. Last year the Dynamo Girls were in the parade and tossed Dynamo-branded beads to spectators, and they will be marching again this year in addition to performing in a show beforehand. The Dynamo proudly appear as one of the Festival’s Bronze Sponsors, right alongside Microsoft and the Kroger grocery store chain:

Houston Dynamo Pride Sponsor

3) Ticketing. Calling Pride in the Park the Dynamo’s Pride Night isn’t dependent on fans buying tickets for it first. They declared the date, then sell the specialty packs of tickets. Last year anyone buying pride night tickets also got Pride Beads with the Dynamo logo on them.

Pride in the Park is something the Dynamo do with–well–pride, and they should be commended for it. From club President Chris Canetti: “The Dynamo are pleased to be hosting Pride Night as one of the many featured promotions on our 2013 calendar. As a diverse organization, we enjoy working with a variety of groups representing the Houston community. We look forward to a successful event this year, with the goal of building momentum for future growth.”

Keep up the good work, Houston!

If you are interested in attending the June 22 Dynamo match as part of Pride in the Park, contact Vanessa in their ticket office at (713) 276-7515.

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