MLS All Stars Fall to AS Roma 3-1

MLS All Stars Don't Cross the LineAS Roma defeated the MLS All Stars 3-1 in the 2013 Major League Soccer All Star Game last night at Sporting Park in Kansas City.

Roma seemed out to prove anyone who thought they would come in and treat this like a preseason match they could sit back in wrong. They came out hard in the first half with an early goal and a few more close calls that stymied the MLS defense. MLS possession fell and fell throughout the half but they were able to hold Roma to a 1-0 lead when the first 45 came to a close.

Things didn’t improve in the second half with another quick Roma goal, an another one they easily slipped in at the 69th minute. MLS took more chances, but things were easily defended by the Italian team. Nick Rimando was the second half goalkeeper, and the skills we saw throughout the Gold Cup were on display keeping the Roma score from rising even further. Another bright spot in the second half was the injection of MLS youth into the game, with some bright moments from the All Stars’ youngest players DeAndre Yedlin and Jack McInerney. MLS had a final gasp in second half stoppage time with Omar Gonzalez scoring off of a free kick making the final score AS Roma 3 – MLS All Stars 1.

Beyond the loss, the message echoed in the post game press conference is what makes All Star Game week so special. It goes far past the game to players who are normally competitors sharing time together as teammates. It’s about a great soccer city like Kansas City showing off what they can put together. And it’s about all of us who are part of the Major League Soccer family coming together to celebrate the sport we love and where it has come in America over the last 17 years.

Here are a few motion pictures of the pregame show at Sporting Park last night (click images for motion):


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