NYCFC Sponsoring New York Ramblers’ Indoor Tournament

NYCFC Ramblers TournamentThe New York Ramblers have announced that NYCFC have signed on as official sponsors of this weekend’s NY Indoor Classic soccer tournament. The Ramblers were founded as the world’s first organized openly-gay soccer club in 1980.

From the Ramblers’ Facebook post announcing the sponsorship:

We are excited about NYC FC’s progressive stance on tolerance in American Soccer, so please rally support for NYC FC as proud supporters of the LGBT soccer community.

NYCFC The Indoor Classic attracts teams from not only the New York metro area, but also the whole North American gay soccer community. Teams will be representing Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco, Toronto, Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and West Hollywood.

It’s great to see NYCFC deliberately including the city’s LGBT community as they gear up for their inaugural 2015 season.

You can watch this weekend’s tournament action at the CCE Sports Network online.

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