Jurgen Klinsmann: Definitely an Open Door for Rogers

Robbie Rogers celebrates scoring the first USMNT Goal of the Jurgen Klinsmann era

Robbie Rogers celebrates scoring the first USMNT Goal of the Jurgen Klinsmann era

The lack of Robbie Rogers on the roster has been called the biggest snub of this January Camp for the USMNT, but Jurgen Klinsmann says the camp strategy left Rogers out and that there is an open door.

Speculation was high that this January Camp was prime time for Rogers to rejoin the squad after a stellar season at his new position of left back. Teammates and pundits both called a post-transformation Rogers “National Team ready.”

At the same time, Robbie Rogers alluded to a past coach and mentor in his memoir Coming Out to Play whose description fit Jurgen Klinsmann. While describing the numerous well-wishers he heard from after coming out, Rogers also mentions a coach and mentor he hadn’t heard from at all, even after his reaching out.

Some worried that what appeared to be a personal rift meant that Rogers may not get a much-deserved National Team opportunity.

According to MLSSoccer.com, it’s the Camp’s focus on young talent that kept Rogers out of contention this time around. Looking ahead to both the 2015 Gold Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics, there are nearly a dozen under-23 players in Carson right now.

According to Klinsmann, “If it was purely senior guys, Robbie would be in that camp.”

He also elaborated his youth strategy with an eye on Rogers’ future: “And that’s why some players were left out, and Robbie was one of them. But there’s always definitely an open door.”

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