MLS Labor Talks as Explained by Newsies

Norma Rae. The Molly Maguires. Last Exit to Springfield. There are a few examples of labor relations at the center of popular culture. But here at G4S, we’re going to look at the MLS labor talks through the lens of Razzie-winning movie turned Tony-winning musical Newsies.

Now if you’re not familiar with Newsies, first…whaaaAAAaaa? Second, Newsies is based on the true story of the 1899 New York Newsboys Strike when thousands of youth protested price hikes from newspapers run by Joseph Pulitzer and William Randoph Hearst. The strike shut down the Brooklyn Bridge halting traffic and preventing newspaper distribution to New England. It didn’t result in a lowering of prices, but the papers agreed to buy back unsold copies.

So without further ado, here are the players in the MLS labor talks, and their Newsies counterparts.

delanceyDon Garber as Joseph Pulitzer (originally played by Robert Duvall)

Hardly the only man involved on the company side of the labor dispute, but certainly the most public face of the events at hand.

His ultimate goal though is to get things up and running again and this desire may lead to a deal being struck.


Jack-Kelly-newsies-11148933-402-266Todd Dunivant as Jack “Cowboy” Kelly (originally played by Christian Bale)

An outspoken, attractive, and charismatic representative of the newsboys. Often looked upon for his voice to be one for the many.

While often driving the movement and rallying the guys, he also has a private side. Rides horses that inexplicably appear.


delanceyDell Loy Hansen and the MLS Owners as the Delancey Brothers (originally played by Shon Greenblatt & David Sheinkopf)

Pulitzer’s thugs and enforcers down on the streets. Take pleasure in making the newsboys’ lives miserable.

So unsavory they beat up a disabled newsboy.



promoshot1Clint Irwin and Dillon Powers as David and Les Jacobs (originally played by David Moscow & Luke Jacobs)

While not the figurehead, David provides Cowboy with many of his ideas and experience for the newsboys’ strike.

Les is David’s younger tagalong brother who gets through his career on his being young and adorable.



large-msg-125806586531-3The Soccer Blogosphere as Bryan Denton (originally played by Bill Pullman)

A reporter who writes about the newsboys strike, often with a slant that is sympathetic toward their cause.

But Denton is ultimately a pragmatist and out to do his job as a writer, so his support is not absolute.



gallery-racetrack25Dax McCarty as Racetrack Higgins (originally played by Max Casella)

The wisecracking, smartass, comedic element of the corps of newsboys. He loves being in the spotlight.

Frequent gambler. Connects with the audience early on by providing the exposition for the events that are about to unfold.



ann-margaret-newsies-movie-1992-photo-GCAlexi Lalas as Medda Larkson (originally played by Ann-Margret)

Ginger. Musically gifted. Provides a break in the action by bringing the audience immeasurable entertainment.

Has a soft spot for the plight of the newsboys.

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Thanks to @DuskySprngfield on Twitter for help with the post!

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