MLS Jersey Week 2015: Eastern Conference Reviews

Most Major League Soccer teams revealed kits as part of MLS Jersey Week 2015. So now that we’ve seen all of the unveilings and most kits on the field, it’s time for some reviews. Overall, this year was definitely a departure from the overall yawn-inducing offerings of last year, so while there are still misses here and there at least this year there was more of an attempt to be different and interesting.

MLS Jersey Week 2015 NYCFCNew York City FC (Unveiled in 2014)

NYCFC made up for a plain all-Manchester City blue jersey with something that has been sorely missing in MLS: a slick, black away kit. As usual the symbolism is a bit overdone in the design. Why do the diagonal stripes have to represent something? They just look good. And the blue and orange trim add a great deal to the look with just a little even though orange says “Mets” to me more than it does “Yankees.”

JERSEY_DCUnitedShortDC United (Unveiled in February)

DC United also brings more visual interest this year which is a change from the plain old red and black blocks of color of the past. The pattern of horizontal stripes is unique and well done, but I still have concerns about how this whole thing will look paired with white shorts. It could end up being too much white. I do like the black and white variation of the crest, but I could do without the extra little eagles they added. It’s the same issue I had with the LA crest variation last season.

MTL_2015Montreal Impact

We’ll have to see more of how this looks in practice, but this could be the first boring one of the week. The white on white stripes are a bit of something, but it’s not quite enough to provide visual interest. And the alternating thin and thick stripe pattern is a bit too much like the way FC Dallas’ hoops have been designed lately. Plus another crest that they felt the need to add to with little images in the background.

CF-LongSleeve(FORMATTED)_0Chicago Fire

Okay, from the bottom of the DC jersey, through Montreal, and now down to Chicago I’m starting to go a little bit snow blind from all of the white. The nods to the City of Chicago flag are nice and all, but just seeing that flag on the back of the kit screams that it should be a more prominent part of the look. If Colorado can do such a slick design using a large state flag across the front, why not emulate that in Chicago?crewjerseys(FORMATTED)

Columbus Crew

The Columbus Crew transformation is complete following the reveal of their new crest last fall. I wasn’t a fan of the crest at first glance but paired with the rest of this new design for the team, it all starts to make sense. And man, the checkerboard look for both the home and away kits are just plain sexy. It’s not overly-explained or full of symbolism; it’s just a slick new design with a fresh idea.

NE_JerseysLSNew England Revolution

New England, you’re on the verge of something really great here, you just need to take it a step or two further before you can move from good to great. The addition of the green is great, and I just wish there was more of it to enjoy. They’re going with a flag theme as well and again I just wish it went deeper. That green and that tree could provide so much design fodder that’s going unexplored. But the green is great and I’m liking that pop of color at the breastbone Adidas is doing this year.

RBNY_JerseysLSNew York Red Bulls

What to say other than… Oh look, New York has a plain jersey with a Red Bull logo in the middle. Oh look, New York has a plain jersey with a Red Bull logo in the middle. Oh look, New York has a plain jersey with a Red Bull logo in the middle.

To be a bit more fair, they also brag about the “New York” written at the bottom but it just isn’t enough, and I’m not quite sure how that’s emblematic of the New York skyline. It’s like they’re grasping at straws to be the New Yorkier team with NYCFC kicking off.

OCSC_JerseyLSOrlando City SC

Once again, we find ourselves mired in a sea of whiteness and you would think that a team that brought a whole new color scheme to MLS would do more with it.

The bands across the front just aren’t enough to keep it from being another bland white jersey all though the touches of gold are pretty nice. But why not make more use of the gold then? If you’re going for a regal first year, why not an all-gold jersey to really set yourself apart from the pack? (Pun intended.)

PU_JerseysLSPhiladelphia Union

This post is shaping up to be whiter than CPAC 2015. No, just kidding; nothing could possibly as white as that.

Oh, you say there’s some sort of star design on here, Philadelphia? Well I’m not seeing it here at all. And when you can see it on the design details, it looks like someone drew inspiration from a rubber stamp roller. Once the envy of the league with a throwback Bethlehem Steel design, now the Union has this fan keeping his money in his wallet this time around.


I shouldn’t be surprised that the Canadians couldn’t be trusted to bring us out of this boring streak.

What happened Toronto? Your maple leaf design a few years ago was one of my favorites and now you just go with this single-color nonsense? Is it the new fabric not allowing for anything other than this? Thank goodness what you guys are up to on the field is turning out to be more interesting, because the interest certainly isn’t in what you’re wearing.

We’ll have thoughts on the Western Conference later this week.


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