MLS Jersey Week 2015: Western Conference Reviews

Most Major League Soccer teams revealed kits as part of MLS Jersey Week 2015. So now that we’ve seen all of the unveilings and most kits on the field, it’s time for some reviews. Overall, this year was definitely a departure from the overall yawn-inducing offerings of last year, so while there are still misses here and there at least this year there was more of an attempt to be different and interesting. We reviewed Eastern Conference jerseys earlier this week.

mls jersey week 2015 vanVancouver Whitecaps

After all of the white jerseys coming out of the east, maybe this isn’t the best one to start with. At least Vancouver is making some sort of attempt to add some visual interest rather than just some white on white detail. I kinda dig the mountains and water look that they’re going for, but there’s something small that’s bothering me about it. Maybe it needs the same detail coming up from the bottom. Maybe it needs to be place a little bit lower; I don’t know. But it just seems like the design sits oddly on top of the pectoral region.

RSL_JerseyReal Salt Lake

Eek, more white. But what does one expect coming from Salt Lake City? I kid though, Utah is a super diverse place. They even have an African American Congresswoman now. What? She’s a gay-hating Republican? I give up. And I digress. Yes, RSL keeps up the white secondary kit trend with their trademark claret and blue on the sleeves. I think the lion decal on the back is a pretty kickass design and hopefully that will be incorporated more and more into the team branding as they enter their second decade.

LA_JerseysLA Galaxy

I admit I’m a bit distracted by the wonderful way the Galaxy revealed thase new jerseys. The oceanside photo shoot with the players yielded so many adorable shots, and a man of the month style calendar that I need to get my hands on. Now maybe it’s because the comparison piece is that tricolor monstrocity, but I like this blue on blue pattern with the hints of yellow at the waist and elbows. The pair of colors is just different enough to be noticable and the gradation of the stripes is nice.

HOU_jerseysLSHouston Dynamo

Hallelujah Houston! It’s fair to call this year a comeback kit because the wonderful spiral design of a few years ago was followed by years of plain orange and plain white. The diamond design with the changing hue from orange to white is just tremendous and the placement of the color change demonstrates exactly the idea I was talking about on Vancouver. Having the change this much lower looks that much better and this may be one of my favorites of 2015.

POR_JerseysLSPortland Timbers

Ah, the Portland jersey that has been the topic of much discussion and disagreement. I like it. I really like it. It has that breastbone color patch that I’m really liking this year and I really like the pale green that they went with for the secondary color in a few places here. I love the chevron design. It’s a great new shape and very well placed. It coordinates perfectly with the sponsor logo and draws attention upward. I think the anniversary tag is pretty cool too.

SKC_JerseysSLSporting Kansas City

The streak of visual intrest continues in the West thanks to Sporting Kansas City. It’s like SKC is taking all of its cues from classic fabric designs. They have had the really cool argyle kit and now they’re bringing us a windowpane print. They also add an actual collar to the fabric design to keep up their streak of some of the best kits in the league. If I had one beef it would be to make the windowpane design a little more understated, as it would often be on a suit.

COL_jerseysColorado Rapids

I find myself torn over whether I still like the Colorado flag motif that the Rapids have now used on a few kits or if I’m starting to get tired of it. I think I fall on the side of still liking it because it’s just a hint of a design, so it’s a great nod to the state without being a repetitive logo in the middle of the shirt like the Red Bulls. And the color, well, it’s certainly yellow isn’t it. I like the use of the state colors and I think I actually like the yellow. The color issue that stands out for me is how the combination on the crest really dulls it.

DAL_jerseysLSFC Dallas

Yeah, they’re hoops again for Dallas but at least they keep taking the theme and making variations on it. This time they remove the alternating thick and thin stripes and instead increase the number of hoops. I like the few that conton the reverse side as well. Almost not noticable but a really nice choice is what they did with the sponsor logo. Instead of an oval logo that really bombarded the front of the jersey, the logo now is just another stripe that coordinates with the rest of the look very well.

SEA_JerseysGreenLSSeattle Sounders

The interesting jerseys couldn’t last forever, now could they? Seattle has come out with a rave green primary and a white secondary, both with faint vertical stripes. And I’m unimpressed with both. This is the team that brought us the charcoal. This is the team that brought us a Seattle skyline. Now they’re back to plain old solid color jerseys that match the color of their terrible, terrible pitch. Hopefully they’ll use their next third kit to break out and do something really unique again. Hopefully.

SJ_JerseysSLSan Jose Earthquakes

We come full circle with another white kit from the Western Conference. They managed to make things different from the other white on white kits, though, because the detail on the front is much more visible than others, and I dig it. How low the design comes is spot on as well and I would like the Vancouver design much much more if the blue pattern covered this much of the front. So yeah, this one is white, but it’s better than most of the white ones that have come out this year.

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