Minnesota United Reenacts Top Gun Volleyball Scene

Minnesota United Top GunMinnesota United FC is doing preseason training in Brazil and a foursome of players took some time off to reenact one of cinema’s most unintentionally homoerotic scenes.

In another classic video defenders Justin Davis, Kevin Venegas, and and Brent Kallman along with goalkeeper Mitch Hildebrandt play some beach volleyball in the style of Top Gun’s now-classic moment.

This isn’t just some volleyball fun set to a Kenny Loggins soundtrack. Minnesota United took the time to recreate the scene’s most famous shots, timed to when they happened in the movie. There are the ball spins (with an NASL ball); grunts, screams, and woos; and the sweaty man flesh making contact with sweaty man flesh.

If the expansion rumors are true, Minnesota United are going to be a very welcome and much deserving addition to Major League Soccer.

“Playing with the Boys,” indeed.

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  1. James says:

    Thanks for sharing this video. They are practicing quite well. Hope to see them in MLS next season.

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