Mexico Appeals FIFA Homophobia Fine

Last week FIFA issued nearly $150,000 in fines to soccer federations for fans’ homophobic chants, and Mexico is now appealing the judgment against them.

The Mexican Football Federation was given a warning and CHF 20,000 fine for chants at a November World Cup Qualifier against El Salvador. They are using 2014 as precedent for an appeal, citing the fact that investigations into use of the chant at the World Cup found no wrongdoing.

FMF general secretary Guillermo Cantu told ESPN Deportes┬áthat the chant “is not discriminatory” and the words have to be understood culturally.

Cantu and the FMF must not follow the work of Mexico’s National Council to Prevent Discrimination, or CONAPRED. At the time of the 2014 World Cup the Mexican government agency said the chant “reflects homophobia, sexism, and misogyny that still prevail in our society.”

An agency of the Mexican government says it’s homophobia, no matter what a stubborn federation or its fans say. FIFA must listen to CONAPRED–and frankly, common sense–and keep their fines in place.

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