Abby Wambach is Mattel’s First Out Barbie

After making a splash with a line of diverse Barbies, Mattel has announced that Abby Wambach will be getting her own character in the line of fashion dolls as well. The unveiling makes Wambach Mattel’s first openly LGBT figure in the collection.

The announcement was made with Wambach in attendance at the 2016 MAKERS Conference, an annual event started by AOL that brings together innovators and leaders for a series of presentations.

She had this to say about the dolls on the MAKERS stage: “It just proves that we really are getting somewhere. And not everybody is created equal and if you’re out there and maybe your doll doesn’t look exactly like you feel, here’s another option.” The doll features Wambach’s trademark haircut and limbs with extra articulation so more realistic soccer poses can be achieved.

Other now-out celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell have had figures in the Barbie line in the past, but they were all produced prior to their public comings-out.

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