Bianca Sierra & Stephany Mayor Harassed for Photo

LGBT Pride Month began Wednesday, and for Mexican National Team players Bianca Sierra and Stephany Mayor it began as a day of homophobic abuse on Twitter.

Sierra, a former Boston Breaker, started the day by posting a simple photo captioned “My World” in Spanish:

Many followers responded to the teammates appearing as a couple with homophobic and even violent abuse.

A reply telling the Mexican Football Federation that the user didn’t want lesbians representing him as a Mexican was one of the tamer offerings.

Other replies included the suggestion of burning lesbians in one user’s neighborhood, that the pair be mutilated in a sensitive area, and that a follower should kill himself for being gay.

And those are just from the direct replies to Bianca Sierra’s original photo. Feel free to check them out and report their abuse to Twitter, as I have done.

Thankfully, there was also a great deal of support from fans and followers as well and I ask that we all send words of encouragement to @Bfromthe_BAYY and @StefMayor.

Thank you to Twitter user @AshCrowe for bringing this sadly unnoticed situation to my attention.

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  1. Ralph says:

    Don’t forget that it wasn’t long ago that in the U.S. gays weren’t able to come out publicly without insults and threats. Countries like Mexico are just a few years or decades behind us. Discrimination against women is still common.

    I think Fany and Bianca are a couple that people can like. I’ve been a fan of Stefany’s since 2011. In the world cup fotos she looked very serious. She rarely smiled back then, but then when she started hanging out with Bianca you could see a definite change in her. She’s happy. She’s more relaxed. And Bianca is a tremendous encouragement to her on the field as Fany has been developing into a great player.

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