Mulling the implications of Richard Chaplow’s denial of using homophobic slurs towards Robbie Rogers

It’s been a week.

A weekend of soccer was nearly over when Robbie Rogers dropped a social media bombshell: that a player for the Orange County Blues FC repeatedly called him a “queer” as he returned from injury with the LA Galaxy II Saturday night.

He described his anger turning to calm and his post-game gratitude for playing in an environment where such an incident has never happened over the last three years. My feelings mirrored his as I mulled over his post. Any use of speech grounded in hate angers me, but reading Rogers’ post full of poise and grace calmed me. And like Robbie I was grateful to be part of a soccer community that has often stood with the LGBT community, including responding appropriately to homophobic language whether it be fans’ goal kick chants or players’ schoolyard taunts on the pitch.

Read the rest of this post at LA Galaxy Confidential.

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