Atlanta United Addresses Goal Kick Chant

In many ways, Atlanta United FC impressed the league with the atmosphere at their inaugural match Sunday. But it was marred by some fan behavior including the chant “puto” during goal kicks.

The chant was also an issue during the preseason, with Dirty South Soccer covering the issue after a match in Tennessee.

The club provided us with the following statement regarding Sunday night’s game:

Atlanta United does not support or condone the use of offensive language. We strive to foster a positive, enthusiastic and inclusive environment for all fans, and inappropriate chants have no place at our matches. Fans found to be participating in this behavior will be subject to removal from the building.

This is a positive initial reaction from the new team. In their infancy they have a genuine chance to end the chant before it gets ingrained in their local culture. They can take this opportunity and others throughout the first season to establish themselves as an LGBT-supportive team in what is considered by many to be the gay capital of the South

Atlanta United FC’s main supporters group the Terminus Legion also has an anti-homophobia clause in their code of conduct; hopefully they will work closely with the team on this issue.

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