Atlanta United FC: One LGBT Fan’s Experience

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  1. TheCptNemo says:

    As a fellow season ticket holder, there with my husband of >15 years who I am trying to get in to soccer I too was dismayed by the Puto chants at the first game. Having to explain to my husband that yes this was the “bad” chant, and sharing that with my other friend (also gay) who was there was not fun and took something out of the game.

    What made us feel better is that we, on the team touchline side & near the 4th official, could not hear anyone around us saying it. What we could hear was people upset at the ref, excited about the game, and talking about how they “did not like the puto chant”. As we were walking out we heard people talk about the fact that it needed to be dealt with. No one said anything negative too us as my husband and I walked out- hand in hand. The only interaction was positive.

    As I got on Reddit (yeah, I know) and Dirty South Soccer I too saw the discussion but I saw few people defending it and many wanting to do something to stop it. As a Terminus Legion member I saw the emails, discussion, and concern by many about how to end it and why it was bad. Overall it made us happy, we for the Chicago game we also joined in the Heyyyyy- YA! chant.

    So Adam, I would say, bring your pride flag. We have been open, out, proud and known in Terminus Legion, in our section (I can get a bit loud…. so yeah two games in they know me!) and everyone has been positive and welcoming. I can say that Woofs on Piedmont has the ATLUTD flag up, and when I tweeted that to the team they responded back positively. So, yeah… I think I am on the look for a Pride/ATLUTD flag to take to the June 24th Colorado Rapids match. Let me know if you find one!

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