FIFA Issues March 2017 Homophobia Fines

FIFA has issued their latest round of fines for World Cup Qualifiers that took place during the March 2017 international break. Once again, a number of the sanctions are for fan homophobia.

Here’s how the latest fines break down. One Swiss Franc is approximately one US Dollar.

Argentina was fined CHF 20,000 for “Improper conduct among spectators (Homophobic chants)” at their match against Chile.

Brazil’s fans had several issues at their match against Paraguay and received fines of CHF 35,000 for “Improper conduct among spectators (Homophobic chants and letting off incendiary devices).”

Mexico received a CHF 10,000 fineĀ for “Improper conduct among its own group of spectators (Homophobic chants)” at their match against Costa Rica. Costa Rica received a warning for the same issue at this match as this is the first time in the Disciplinary Overview for the 2018 qualifying campaign that fan homophobia has been documented.

While it’s positive that FIFA continues to discipline federations for homophobic chants from fans, a few questions must be raised.

First, at what point will the disciplinary action move beyond fines for some nations? Chile has received a 2-match ban from playing in their national stadium, yet there are federations who have had homophobia issues with the same frequency who have not yet received such a ban.

Second, how does the US Soccer Federation feel about hitching their World Cup wagon to a nation who repeatedly receives these fines? How do they feel about their hopeful World Cup sending fans from around the globe to stadiums where this is an issue?

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