Supporters Groups Start PrideRaiser Campaign

Supporters groups across the country have started the PrideRaiser fundraising campaign to support LGBT charities in their communities.

They’re using LGBT Pride Month to pledge donations, some a dollar amount per game and some a dollar amount per goal scored. Co-founder Galen Riley spoke to about the project: “The main thing we try to project is inclusiveness. Southern hospitality is a bedrock value of our community. At least half our community is women, and we’ve had LGBTQ people since the very beginning…We’re all fans of Chattanooga and the community we’ve built together.”

Starting with Detroit’s Northern Guard and Chattanooga’s Chattahooligans, the movement has spread to supporters from coast to coast:

  • Detroit City FC’s Northern Guard is supporting You Can Play and the Ruth Ellis Center, a social services center for LGBTQ youth.
  • Chattanooga FC’s Chattahooligans and Memphis City FC’s Rogue Squadron are supporting the Tennessee Equality Project.
  • Grand Rapids FC’s Grand Army is supporting the Grand Rapids Pride Center.
  • Portland Thorns FC’s Rose City Riveters are supporting Outside In, an LGBT-supportive center for homeless and other youth in crisis.

Learn more about PrideRaiser, the supporters groups involved, and how to get involved at their website.

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