FIFA Issues More Homophobia Fines

With another international break just around the corner, FIFA has released their list of fines for World Cup Qualifiers in late August and early September. Seven countries received nine fines for homophobic chants from fans.

Promises to donate money to charity must not be work as Mexico received their eleventh fine for homophobic chants. The Mexican federation is currently working with the United States and Canada to secure hosting rights for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

Swiss Francs are nearly equivalent to US Dollars.

Argentina has hit a total of CHF 135,000 for homophobic chants during qualifying for next year’s World Cup, with a CHF 30,000 fine and CHF 35,000 from the last international break.

Brazil received a CHF 10,000 fine for homophobic chants and a pregame ceremony, now totaling CHF 80,000.

Chile’s newest fine is CHF 35,000, hitting a high of CHF 185,000 in addition to bans on playing in their national stadium,

Ecuador’s first fine for homophobic chants this cycle is CHF 20,000.

Hungary also has their first homophobia fine of CHF 20,000.

Mexico now totals CHF 150,000 with their new fine of CHF 10,000.

Panama received two fines of CHF 25,000, making their total fines CHF 75,000.

With another round of fines it’s again easy to wonder when FIFA will take stricter action, as when Chile was not allowed to play matches in their national stadium.

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