David Testo Talks Coming Out and Life Today

David Testo Spoke with the YouTube channel “Just in Canada” as part of their “Canada’s Social Change-Makers” series. Prior to his coming out in November 2011 Testo played for the Columbus Crew, Vancouver Whitecaps, and Montreal Impact.

Here are some highlights, but check out the full video for much more:

As the first American man in soccer to come out, he hoped doing so would start a snowball effect and that other players could come out without some of the difficulties he’s experienced.

He talks about the ability to come out to his teammates and coaches versus the hurdle of coming out to the general public.

Testo is less hopeful about a current high profile player coming out than a younger player coming out and rising up through the ranks.

David Testo currently serves on the advisory board of the You Can Play Project, a partner of Major League Soccer. He became a Canadian citizen just a month prior to the interview.

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