Paul Lapointe – USSF Candidates on LGBT Issues

We hope that issues of inclusion and diversity are at the forefront of the conversation in the months leading up to the US Soccer Federation elections early next year. We’ve reached out to the candidates with one question about their presidency. Paul Lapointe was the second to respond.

Over the past few years, some great strides have been made in US Soccer’s support of the LGBT community. More players on our women’s team have been able to play as out, open individuals and the US Soccer Federation has made significant partnerships with organizations such as the You Can Play Project. However, we have yet to see an out gay man play for a men’s national team at any level, and issues of LGBT exclusion, homophobia, and transphobia persist in corners of American soccer. What will your US Soccer Federation presidency do to advance LGBT acceptance and inclusion in all levels of American soccer?

In my mind, a soccer ball does not discriminate against people who have a sexual preference or belief . It is my thought that whatever orientation or belief you profess as a person or player it should not disqualify or inhibit a player/players to compete at any level.

We hope we can bring you the thoughts and plans of more candidates in the months before February’s elections. We also plan on bringing you voices from the LGBT community on the election, including an endorsement for the presidency.

Paul Lapointe’s Twitter

Paul Lapointe’s campaign website

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  1. Nature Guy says:

    “”….sexual preference or belief.” —says it all! This guy’s not well caught-up…. I wouldn’t put much trust into a guy who says that.

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