About Us

Here’s a bit of my vision for the site as the guy behind it all–now proud to be sharing this space with some other great soccer fans across this fine land of ours. I hope that while this post is how I see the site, their voices will help shape mold what we’re about in the months to come.

There are a few soccer sites that I visit regularly. Some are about soccer news and game analysis and some are about championing the American game. Some are about the unique world of soccer culture and some are an unabashed love of the players themselves. There are also some great organizations fighting homophobia in soccer, but the ones I’ve found are based overseas.

I hope this site can be a combination of all these things: news, analysis, culture, advocacy, love of the game, and love of the players. And all of this with a gay spin you won’t find anywhere else in the soccer writing world.

We are open to contributions if you want to share, as well as looking for writers to regularly cover North American teams and leagues. LGBT writers and straight allies are both welcome with the idea being that you don’t have to be gay but your posts should be. Email us if you would like to be a part of the site.

Again, welcome. I’m very excited about this new endeavor and hope we can be a unique set of voices in the world of soccer.



January 4, 2012