Soccer v Homophobia 2019







This Pride Month marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, widely regarded as the beginning of the modern LGBT+ rights movement.

This year also marks the tenth anniversary of Football v Homophobia, which has fought against LGBTphobia in soccer in the UK and internationally.

We have much to celebrate: support for the LGBT+ community continues to spread throughout soccer with more and more athletes playing out and proud. But we also live in a world where homophobic language persists in some stadiums, and at times league policies and partnerships are at odds with LGBT+ equality.

This Pride Month we have a lot to celebrate while acknowledging the fights still ahead.

We’re asking everyone to join us in honoring this Pride Month by being a part of the Soccer v Homophobia campaign. It’s easy to add your voice, and you’ll get a chance to win a Soccer v Homophobia t-shirt.
How you can participate: 
  1. Download, print, and sign the SvH Pledge. There’s one for Players and one for fans, and both are available in English and Spanish.
  2. Take a picture of yourself holding the pledge. We want to see you AND the signed pledge in your post. Post to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook using the hashtag #SvH2019. We’ll be collecting and sharing photos along with Football v Homophobia.
  3. Share the campaign widely to show your support for an inclusive game.

You can also film yourself reading the pledge and post that video to social media with the #SvH2019 hash tag.

Every pledge shared on social with the hashtag #SvH2019 will be entered into a draw for a Soccer v Homophobia t-shirt. There are ten t-shirts available as prizes and winners will be announced on contacted on via social media on Friday, July 5.

We’re also partnering with the Independent Supporters Council for this action so keep an eye out for your supporters’ group’s participation this month.

Thank you as always for your support and thanks in advance for making this very special Pride Month even more special.